R.V. Wheelers of Laguna Woods, CA

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Posted: 09-19-2022       Expires: 10-15-2022

Posted: 07-11-2022       Expires: 10-15-2022

Posted: 10-13-2021       Expires: 10-01-2022

LECTRIC eBike and SPECIALIZED bike helmet.
Both items are in excellent condition.

The LECTRIC eBike (2.0 XP Step Thru model) is like new (bought September 2021)
with only 27 miles on it and it has the Comfort Seat Package.

The SPECIALIZED bike helmet is a LARGE size that is MIPS
(Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) rated and was worn only 2 times.

Costs for both items = $ 925

If bought separately:
LECTRIC eBike = $850.
SPECIALIZED Helmet = $100.

Please contact:
Rich and Bonnie Smith

Rich and Bobbie Lectric Bike
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